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How do political tensions and geopolitical risks impact oil prices? (Energy Economics)

NEW PUBLICATION: This paper assesses the effect of US–China political relationships and geopolitical risks on oil prices. To this end, we consider two quantitative measures, the Political Relationship Index (PRI)…

Guest Contribution in Econbrowser: “How Political Tensions and Geopolitical Risks Impact Oil Prices”

Very honored to contribute my first guest blog post on Econbrowser. I am deeply grateful to Menzie Chinn. Remarks and comments are welcome, as always. https://econbrowser.com/archives/2023/08/guest-contribution-how-political-tensions-and-geopolitical-risks-impact-oil-prices

Special Issue of the European Journal of Political Economy

It is an immense pleasure to announce that the call for papers for the European Journal of Political Economy issue is now online: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/european-journal-of-political-economy/about/call-for-papers#geopolitical-risks-political-tensions-and-the-european-economy Please have no hesitation…