About me

Welcome to my personal page, my name is Jamel Saadaoui. I am a teacher and researcher in social sciences interested in various topics related to international economics. On this page, I present my current and future research projects and I try to provide some information for the public and for my students. I sometimes write on Probability, Philosophy, Economics, and other topics with a macro perspective. I am currently focused on the future of the European Union and more generally on the future of the international monetary system.

I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Strasbourg, and I am affiliated to the BETA-CNRS for my research activities. I teach Economics and Statistics at the Faculty of Economics and Management, FSEG, of the University of Strasbourg. Besides, I have been an elected member of the National Council of Universities since 2016. I co-organize the Cournot Seminar, the main seminar of the BETA-Strasbourg since 2020. Recently, I have been elected to the board of trustees of the University of Strasbourg. You can reach me at my professional address. You can find more information in my résumé.

Research areas

Applied Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, European Economics, International Economics.

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My latest publications

Sy-Hoa Ho, Jamel Saadaoui. Symmetric and asymmetric effects of exchange rates on money demand: empirical evidence from Vietnam. Applied Economics, 2021, 10.1080/00036846.2021.1888864

Amélie Barbier-Gauchard, Meixing Dai, Claire Mainguy, Jamel Saadaoui, Moïse Sidiropoulos, Isabelle Terraz, Jamel Trabelsi. Towards a more resilient European Union after the COVID-19 crisis. Eurasian Economic Review, 2021, 10.1007/s40822-021-00167-4

Jacques Mazier, Jamel Saadaoui. Exchange rate misalignments and global imbalances. In Global Imbalances and Financial Capitalism, London: Routledge, pp. 38-70, 2020, 10.4324/9780429437786-4

Jacques Mazier, Vincent Duwicquet, Jamel Saadaoui. From the European Monetary System to the single currency trap. In Global Imbalances and Financial Capitalism, London: Routledge, pp. 109-146, 2020, 10.4324/9780429437786-7

Jacques Mazier, Jamel Saadaoui, Sebastian Valdecantos. Exploring monetary cooperation in East Asia. In Global Imbalances and Financial Capitalism, London: Routledge, pp. 239-270, 2020, 10.4324/9780429437786-11