Selected publications

Sy-Hoa Ho, Jamel Saadaoui. Symmetric and asymmetric effects of exchange rates on money demand: empirical evidence from Vietnam. Applied Economics 53:34, pp. 3948-3961, 2021, 10.1080/00036846.2021.1888864

Jamel Saadaoui. Internal Devaluations and Equilibrium Exchange Rates: new evidences and perspectives for the EMU. Applied Economics, 50:59, pp. 6364-6381, 201810.1080/00036846.2018.1486019

Jamel Saadaoui. Global imbalances: Should we use fundamental equilibrium exchange rates? Economic Modelling 47, pp. 383-398, 2015, 10.1016/j.econmod.2015.02.007

Antonia López-Villavicencio, Jacques Mazier, Jamel Saadaoui. Temporal dimension and equilibrium exchange rate: A FEER / BEER comparison. Emerging Markets Review 13(1) pp. 58-77, 2012, 10.1016/j.ememar.2011.10.001

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Scientific activities at a glance

  • Articles (peer-reviewed): 13*
  • Articles (non peer-reviewed): 2
  • Special issue (peer-reviewed): 1
  • Book chapters: 4
  • International conferences: 15
  • National conferences: 5
  • Symposiums: 4
  • Workshops: 4
  • Organized conferences: 2
  • Reviewer for journals: 24
  • Reviewer for conferences: 3
  • Scientific grants: 1

*HCERES rankings : A (4), B (6), C (2), U (1).

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