Explaining the Infrastructure Vulnerability Score for the Russia Federation

After a first blog on how to visualize the ND-GAIN vulnerability scores, I was keen to explore the sub-categories of the vulnerability scores.

Among them, I was particularly interested in the infrastructure part. My priors were that I will found a European country ranked first.

When I noticed that the Russian Federation was ranked first, I wanted to dig further on how this sub-index is computed.

If you look at this country’s profile page, you will access to the sub-categories (a lower score means a lower vulnerability / a higher resilience to climate change risks):


The definition is given on this web page:

“The Infrastructure score captures the vulnerability of coastal and energy infrastructure to climate change, primarily general preparedness for climate-related natural disasters, coastal hazards, and energy supply challenges. Indicators include projected change of hydropower generation capacity, projected change of sea level rise impacts, dependency on imported energy, population living under 5m above sea level, electricity access, and disaster preparedness.”

Excellent scores for some sub-categories explain the infrastructure vulnerability score for the Russian Federation.

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