Drawing maps with Stata for the NUTS regions (Hourly Wages)

After two blogs on how to draw maps with Stata for the NUTS regions and on how to download data from DBnomics, this time I will show you how to draw maps for the NUTS 2 regions’ hourly wages evolution:

First, use the file with coordinates (NUTS_RG_03M_2021_4326_LEVL_2) to build the nuts2_shp.dta and nuts2.dta files. In the following part of the code, you can rid of some islands:

**# NUTS2 maps

spshape2dta NUTS_RG_03M_2021_4326_LEVL_2, replace saving(nuts2) 

use nuts2_shp, clear

drop if _ID==325 // Remove Svalbard
keep _ID _X _Y
keep if _X > -25 & _Y >30 // get rid of the small islands
geo2xy _Y _X, proj (lambert_sphere) replace	  
sort _ID
save, replace

Then, you have to create NUTS_ID to merge the data:

**# Generate ID for the NUTS 2 regions

use PCurve_NUTS2.dta, clear

capture decode GEO, gen(NUTS_ID)

save PCurve_NUTS2.dta, replace

**# Merge with Maps IDs

use nuts2.dta, clear

foreach v in PCurve_NUTS2 {
		     merge 1:m NUTS_ID using `v'.dta

capture gen HourlywageVar100=HourlywageVar*100

format HourlywageVar100 %4.2f

Finally, you can draw the maps:

graph set window fontface "Arial Narrow"

forvalues v = 2001(1)2020 {
	 replace period=`v' if _merge==1
   spmap HourlywageVar100 using nuts2_shp ///
	 if period==`v' & CNTR_CODE!="TR", id(_ID) ///
	 fcolor(Reds2) clnumber(10)  ///
	 os(vvthin ..) ndsize(vvthin) ///
	 ndfcolor(gray%30 ..) ndocolor(black ..) /// 
	 legend(pos(9) ring(0)) ///
	 title("{fontface STIX Two Text Bold: Variation of Hourly Wages in NUTS 2 Regions `v'}", margin(medium) position(12) span ///
	  size(small)) ///
	 note("Note: NUTS 2 regions of EU members represented.", ///
graph rename Graph map`v', replace
*graph export map`v'.png, as(png) width(4000) replace


save PCurve_NUTS2_maps.dta, replace

**# End of Program

I was inspired by Scott Merryman and Asjad Naqvi:



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