Burgernomics: Maps

“Two important characteristics of maps should be noticed. A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness.”

Alfred Korzybski

After a first pedagogical blog on Burgernomics, a second one on the R code to replicate the calculations made by The Economist, it is the final blog of this series on Burgernomics. These two following maps have been made with Excel 2019.

Figure 1. Raw index.
Figure 2. GDP-adjusted index.

In figure 2, according to the GDP-adjusted index as of July 2020, the most undervalued currencies are the Hong Kong dollar, the Russian rouble, the South African Rand, the Taiwanese dollar and the Turkish lira (undervaluation above 38 percent for these countries). The Brazilian real and the Thai Baht are the most overvalued currencies with overvaluation above 19 percent.

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