The Great Economics Debates

It was very interesting to reread this special issue of Le Point published last summer. This issue displays a journalistic article on one page and an abstract of a classic text on the right page. The dire context of the pandemic crisis offers an opportunity to think again about these topics.

The special issue is divided in five main topics: (i) Supply-Demand, (ii) Growth, (iii) Free Trade, (iv) Labor and (v) Taxation. In the first one about Supply and Demand we have brief abstracts of texts by Jean-Baptiste Say; Thomas Robert Malthus; Léon Walras; Alfred Marshall; John Maynard Keynes; Milton Friedman; Robert Lucas and Thomas Sargent. In the second one about Economic Growth, we have brief texts by Adam Smith; Joseph Schumpeter; Robert Merton Solow; Donella and Denis Meadows, Jorgen Randers. The third theme on Free Trade contains brief abstracts of texts by David Ricardo; Frédéric Bastiat; Friedrich List; Heckscher, Ohlin, Samuelson and Stolper; Paul Krugman. In the fourth topic about Labor, we find brief abstracts of texts by Thomas Paine; Karl Marx; Paul Lafargue; Max Weber. In the last topic, we find brief abstracts of texts by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban; Adam Smith; Friedrich Hayek; Maurice Allais.

I really believe that everyone should read a wide array of Schools of Thought in Economics to understand current and future challenges.

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