The Euro Crisis: Where Do We Stand?

This special issue of Brussels Economic Review / Cahiers Économiques de Bruxelles aims at providing some theoretical and empirical perspectives on the euro crisis from a macroeconomic viewpoint. The contributions have been selected after the Macroeconomics Workshop: “The euro crisis: Where do we stand?” organized by the University of Strasbourg, the Bureau of Economic Theory and Applications (BETA-CNRS) and the ERMEES research team. We are pleased to publish contributions of Ansgar Belke, Catherine Mathieu & Henry Sterdyniak, Thierry Betti, Paolo D’imperio, Thomas Coudert, Vivien Djiambou. Besides, the ERMEES research team is an informal group of economist created in November 2013 and interested in European macroeconomics in Strasbourg. The workshop took place in mid-October 2015 at the European Doctoral College in Strasbourg. We have received more than sixty submissions from around twenty different countries and international institutions. Some thirty researchers were gathered to explore and analyze the underlying macroeconomic causes of the first major crisis in the nascent history of the EMU.

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