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The compagnon notebook for our paper has been selected into the Staff Picks into the Wolfram community blog:

This notebook aims to replicate all the computations in the paper “Artificial intelligence and the skill premium” (

Section 1 provides the notations and the assumptions that will be required for the calculations. Section 2 introduces the production function and a more readable notation. Then, Section 3 computes the wage rates for low- and high-skilled workers thanks to partial derivatives. Section 4 provides the wage-skill premium. Sections 5 and 6 calculate the partial derivatives of the different wage rates relative to industrial robots and AI. Section 7 provides interactive 2-D and 3-D plots to visualize the evolutions of the wage skill premium for different values of the parameters and the variables.

You can find the BETA WP version, the abstract, the keywords and the online appendix in an older post:

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Artificial intelligence and the skill premium, by David Bloom, Klaus Prettner, Jamel SaadaouiMario Veruete, Wolfram Community, STAFF PICKS, November 21, 2023. ​

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