Working papers

Sy-Hoa Ho, Jamel Saadaoui.
Symmetric and Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rates on Money Demand: Empirical Evidence From Vietnam. SSRN working paper 3507120 (2019):

Jamel Saadaoui.
Global imbalances: Should we use fundamental equilibrium exchange rates? SSRN working 3036838 (2015):

Supplementary files to replicate the tables 1 to 9 and tables in the appendices: STATA, RATS, DATABASE, Mendeley Dataset. With the Excel option of the STATA command outreg2, I recommend using the useful package excel2latex.

Supplementary files to produce the working paper: TEX, BIB, GRAPHS.

Jamel Saadaoui.
Does financial openness explain the increase of global imbalances before the crisis of 2008? SSRN working paper 1961328 (2013):